Welcome to Amakala Atelier

Our Mission is Funky Functionality that makes a difference.

We want to rock the boat and do things differently. Creating brands that become household names, but also make a difference by supporting local and giving back.

We want to create a network that caters to every business need. From corporate branding to targeted digital marketing. We make sure you are seen and heard, wherever you go. We see every platform as an opportunity and see the potential in big and small businesses. We focus on the results and interpret data, to make sure you see the vision that we have for your business. Although we are focused and result-driven, we still nurture relationships and the network that we build up.

In the end, it’s all about people, whether it be the business owners or the consumers that have specific needs. We try to have a culture of transparency and openness and want our clients to be part of the process, it’s one big journey after all. Along the journey, we give back to the local community and use some brilliant local artists that have mastered their crafts. After all, Local is Lekker. Ladies and gentleman, let’s do this.


We team up

It’s the way that great ideas are born, brainstorming with some brilliant individuals is an experience all on its own. We make sure we team up with talented people to give you a great quality product that you would be proud to rep everywhere you go. Click the button, let’s do this.

Our Services

Product Experience

Graphic Design

Graphic Design defines the identity of a business and is crucial when building a brand.

Digital Marketing

We make sure you market to a targeted audience that will get you the conversions you need. Check out some of our other services below.
Our Skills

Let’s Make Something Beautiful Together

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Web Design

Designing beautiful websites, whether it be e-commerce shops or normal websites that your clients can find you on.


We shoot it. From big promotional videos to product shoots that make your products stand out from the rest.


We put things in motion, with great animations that will talk directly to your niche audience.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?